Swimmer Brief

Please read the briefing below and review all attachments to familiarize yourself with parking, check in, kayaker pairing and start procedures.

• Please arrive early as parking opens at 6:00am and check in/kayaker pairing will open at 6:00am. Check in closes at 7:15. (see start area map, note there are two pages on start map, one is zoomed out to show parking entrances)
• Look for digital traffic sign and Pinellas County Sheriff vehicle lights. Enter parking lot at designated swimmer entrance (furthest away from start/kayak parking is closest) and follow direction of parking attendants. Parking closest to registration table is reserved for vehicles unloading kayaks.
• At check in you will be body marked, get a color coded cap and receive a bib and timing chip with corresponding race number.
• You will also receive a dry bag to store clothes, keys, towel, etc which will be transported by truck to the finish area.
• Proceed to the kayak staging area and your designated wave corral where, if not already assigned, you will be paired with a kayaker; hand bib to your kayaker.
• Your kayaker is your guide across the bay. Establish a rapport with him/her that includes the emergency procedures as well as a way to communicate between yourselves.
• Pre-race brief will begin at 7:15. Please listen carefully to instructions for following the course buoys and emergency procedures.
• First wave leaves at 8:20am with 5 minutes in between each.
• Please do not enter the water until your wave is called, there will be a head count in the swimmer corral before entering the water.

Items to bring
• Wetsuit-mandatory
• Goggles
• Towel and blanket for finish

Other items
• Please bring all fundraising checks/cash in sealed and marked envelope to the Donation Tent
• There will be two shuttles to ferry swimmers back to start area, carpool if possible. Since shuttles are limited, we ask that vehicles heading back to the start with extra room to please try to match up with swimmers who need a ride. The MC will be making announcements regarding match ups.
• We will have an early check in on Saturday evening from 4-7pm at the .American Legion. There will also be a happy hour hosted by Mission BBQ, IC Sharks Seafood, and 3Daughter Brewing.
• Please read the attached emergency procedures and also the kayak brief which was sent in a previous email. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these procedures with your kayaker.
• Meet at 10am on Saturday at Gandy Beach for the Stingray open water swim clinic hosted by OWS Coach Leo Briceno.
Remember to join us for the Kill Cliff/3 Daughters Brewing post race party featuring lunch buffet, beer provided by 3 Daughters Brewing, awards ceremony and raffle. Entry wristbands for friends and family will be available at early check in, the finish area for $30 each.